The Process

Our success stems from cooperation, innovation, creativity
and attention to quality integrated into every step of our process.

What kind of
service is provided

OEM processing: design and produce all-inclusive, put your tag
Customized processing: your own design, we produce for you
Sample processing: samples you provide, we produce for you
Stable cycle: own designer & factory save your time and cost

How easy it can be to customize


Consultation sample: consultation price, consultation style


Sample Confirmation: Communicate issues and confirm samples


Packing and shipping: production completed, logistics delivery


Proofing and finalization: production effect and confirmation of quotation


Mass production: prepay for goods and produce mass goods


Receipt completed: receipt confirmation, after-sales service

Research: Pursuing the ultimate customer experience and comfortable products.

Our research team and market research team are constantly upgrading yarns and fabrics, which means that we can find gaps in the market, upgrade and develop them, and provide our clients with the most professional knowledge, the highest quality and lowest price.

In 2021, we developed seamless products and changed the use of Lycra and coast yarn seams to make our fitness wear unparalleled in abrasion resistance, breathability, great elasticity, and fit. This has won good market feedback and brand favorability for our partners.

Satisfy clients with the highest quality and speed.

JS manages and executes every production step internally: from finding new products to developing the most innovative projects, from yarn manufacturing to product realization, to the customized packaging.

This allows JS to quickly manage complete iterations and respond to client needs in a fast and efficient manner.

Why can we make more values?

The biggest cost is not the price of the goods, it is the time, the time of communication, the time of the first correction, the time of the less human, That means we are an efficient team.

️The products we offered are from strict selection processes and digital products instead of a traditional process which ensures the quality in the trackway.

️ Our team keeps learning every day, each staff shall learn the latest skill of their position, and no fresh person before formal work, that’s why we can share some professional knowledge with the customers or suppliers.

️We have exported to a lot of countries and helped them from 0-millions-Billions