City wear

city wear features the innovative and progressive, make the different and luxury is the most important, from design to pattern making, every unique is necessary, our goal is help you to be the street stars.


one raw material shearling fur

Raw Materials

We only choose the best materials for brand clients, nature, sustainable is first important, the material scale for city wear is Genuine furs, recyclable faux fur, Cashmere, wool, and silk etc,.

Luxury mink by hand knitted

Precision Handcraft

Inspiring passion of fashion, our staffs work on the luxury by hand end, we continue the handmade custom as it could keep our creative and some new ideas or improvement to catch our different value.

belt details

Care details

The details are the key importance for luxury, from our ERP , CRM, processes, we take more times on confirmation before starts, and before we packing, the each details will double check again