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JS Innovation Group:

Young, passionate, win-win cooperation, unlimited possibilities.

We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of fur pompom caps and fur accessories as well as fitness wear. Since 2011, we have been making pompom knit hats for 11 years. Since 2015, our innovative team has established a professional fitness wear company, focusing on the seamless field of yoga wear.
Our aim is continuous innovation and development, which brings us passion. Innovative content can also bring new ideas to our original products. Our innovation team is always full of surprises and possibilities.


Our Business Partner:

Pursue high quality and pay attention to details.

We are convinced that the same philosophy and the same attention to detail can bring the best tacit understanding and trust.

Every one of our partners is committed to the quality of products as we are, and cares about the source and future of the products. Together, we minimize the waste of materials, select and produce high-quality products, and care about the recycling of products.

During this period, we have also produced many brands for the world, so we have high-quality crafts and yarns and products, and we continue to pursue higher quality.

Raw material selection

Start with nature, and keep paying attention to returning to nature.

From the planting of a cotton plant, we pay attention to whether its production will pollute the soil. The pom poms we provide are all humanity, for we pay attention to natural circulation and health. We pay attention to the impact of the production process on environmental protection and conservation. Through cooperation and return visits with customers, we also care about the recycling and reuse of our products.

Since we are responsible for the entire process from raw material selection to design and production, we focus on continuously optimizing our processes to provide more efficient and easy services. Thanks to our focus, our quality is constantly improving, and our prices are very favorable.



Our mission is to help the label companies to seek a better solutions in peace, fast, and quiet way.
Create more all the times,
Offer green genuine furs to protect the environment,
Do more than what we shall do,
To be more competitive.

Our History

JS was born in 2005 in Chongfu town as a family business by Hua’s, we started with apparel accessories such as pom poms and collars; with honest and skill, the business was expanded in 2011. Now the industry and trade is growing better and better.


Family business

Starting from handmade by Hua's, ballet in fingers is an amazing work and appreciated by final customers. The 6 years of experience help Mr. Hua build the global business mind.

Formal Established

JS entered the EU&US fashion scene in Spring 2011, cooperating with label companies to help each other grow up.



2 New co-founders

Two hands could make something happen, but a team could share the future and create more amazing things. Welcome more excellent staff or investors join us.

Active workshop established, cause of COVID-19

Health is the most important for humans, choosing sustainable materials is a key point for the environment. so we established an active workshop is to spread health and protect the earth as well.



China market BD

With rich experiences for the global market, now we start the business for the local market.

Our Strong Points


European quality

We have focused on exports for eleven years. We have served many large internationally renowned brands and have always maintained cooperation with them.


Energetic team

We can rely on a young, active and innovative professional team.


Specialization and innovation

We use microfibers and natural fibers (such as silk, cotton, wool, modal, etc.) to produce high-quality products.


Extensive discounts

We offer a wide range of products, from wool and cashmere products to sportswear to shapewear at very competitive prices.


High productivity

We achieved 1 million pieces in 2020 and maintained a continuous growth rate of 30% per year.


Great flexibility

We are able to meet any requirements for the development and production of projects that meet client needs. We provide adaptable logistics and client assistance services.


Advanced technology

We search for and develop the latest innovations in the field of technology, always keeping up to date.


global cooperation

For many years, we have maintained continuous cooperation with the world’s most important suppliers in this field.


  • European Quality, Professional Service Team
  • JS cooperates with global clients all year round,
  • most of which are more than five years.

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