Active wear

Everybody is born an athlete, The active wears are made of COATS thread, all fabrics are low carbon, free of harmful, substances environmentally friendly and recyclable fabrics.
Active Fabric

Sustainable Active Fabric

The Demands of active wear is comfortable and fitted well to live in, Designed from fabric performance, we choose the top fabric or yarn which are the same with Lululemon, or higher requests.

Excellent stitch

Excellent stitches

How to fit well after times wear, it is difficult to solve, choose from fabric labs tests, and improve the processes in stitching, Coats threads help the all patchworks in the best performance.

seamless stitching

Seamless stitching

The seamless series is the good choice for plus size selections,The difficulty of one size for more space wearing is the patchwork, details and yarn choose. Luckily we already have passed all tests and enjoyed by the final customers.