Plant Fiber Fabric

Our innovation team developed this new fabric in 2021, which is a mixture of rose plant fibers and silk. Its characteristic is that the fragrance remains after washing, and it is suitable for making silk scarves and pajamas. The light natural rose scent provides the ultimate luxury for your customers.

One Size Fit All Swimwear

Comfortably fits people between XSmall-Large and all body types. Providing a piece of clothing that is comfortable for all women, in and of itself, helps brands express their cultural pursuits and build their brand image.
Its wrapping is very good, and the possibility of color matching and contrasting can be designed. This innovation provides customers with a more convenient and better-fitting option, which greatly saves the brand's warehousing pressure.

Detachable Pompoms

This is the first innovation patent that JS has obtained. Luxury brands are very fond of this hat, it is simple but can instantly enhance the brand positioning. Not only sought after by young people who pursue fashion but also can make children look cuter. Kendall Jenner chose the products we offer the brand among the many options.
All bubbles are removable and each button is hand sewn. You can simply wash the peas. Our bubbles are fluffy, large, and oversized. We are constantly exploring new possibilities to help our clients create success.

Innovation defines the future

Our innovation studio is where miracles happen, bringing together the most creative teams to brainstorm and test new designs, materials and methods. Repeated experiments and quality checks have turned exciting ideas into reality.
Our focus on technology and progress allows us to continuously transform our technology to benefit our team, clients and the global environment. Join us on the journey and get ready to cheer for the surprise we bring to you!