What’s double faced wool Fabric coat

The double faced woolen fabric is a high-end double layer wool fabric which was from Italy. The double woolen fabric
 is made of high quality natural fabrics such as cashmere, wool, and rabbit hair or silk mixed.. The valuable thing about double-sided wool is that the two thin layers of cashmere fabric with super good hand feel are sewn together, but no stitching can be found. Since it cannot be machined, it can only be stitched by hand. This determines that each reversible woolen coat is unique.

Since the Rapid fashion and development of technology, Chinese people master the skill and made some improvement. 

Why the price is so high?
First, the raw material wool is from the sheep, the process is already complicated, I searched from google"how does sheep hair to be wool yarn" it says:Spinning uses a wheel to spin 2-5 strands of wool together. This forms long, strong pieces of wool that you would recognize as yarn.
Second, when the wool yarn done, then it will be big project, the yarn to be dyed and treatment first, then use the special textile machines to Crosswise Weaving, and then treatment. more than 10 processes totally. So the MOQ for wool fabric is not low.
third, when the Clothing factory purchased the fabric, check the quality, color, details, then do the process step by step.
The hardest thing is the make each coat the same. As the ending process is the stitches, but it shall be produced by different people, so if not skillful, the coat will be a defect artwork. 

What is the special feature of the wool.
1,Light weight
The upper and lower layers of the double-sided woolen fabric are independent fabrics, and the middle is connected by yarns without gluing, so it is lighter; although the double-sided woolen coat is a double-layered fabric, due to its soft and light texture, it is the lightest double-sided woolen fabric. The weight per square meter is less than 300 grams, so it has always been known as "zero gravity". Putting on the (brand) double-faced woolen coat, the body is as free as breathing and the secret of lightness as feathers.
2, double faced/reversible 
Due to the characteristics of double-sided wool, the color of the fabric can be the same or different on each sides, which has a stronger fashion expression, allowing designers to have more room to play; at the same time, it can allow consumers to achieve the effect of wearing more than one piece of clothing.
3, Easy comfortable
Since the front and back are all made of woolen, there is no need for a lining to make a coat, which is thicker and more rigid, and is flat and not easy to wrinkle.

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