Wool is different from cashmere, and people with sensitive skin can feel the wool tingling on the skin. Cashmere is more fluffy and softer than wool, so it is several times warmer than wool. The price can be imagined.

Worsted cashmere is more delicate and lighter than woolen cashmere. Worsted cashmere clothing is not easy to pill and has better heat retention and superior quality. The surface of the worsted cashmere fabric is smooth and clean, the weave is fine and clear, and the texture of the clothing is smoother, more transparent, and lighter. Visually, it gives a smoother look, soft and natural luster, soft hand, and elastic, so it is especially suitable for light and thin fabrics in spring.

Seamless design for a more snug fit. Substitute a piece of worsted cashmere for a close-fitting cotton sweater and a bulky cardigan to keep it light in early spring.

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