JSGROUP CITY SERIES: The difference between cashmere and wool

Difference 1: The source of the material is different

Wool: Soft hair obtained from sheep.


Cashmere: Taken from the fine hair of goats.


Difference 2: The collection method is different

The collection of wool is generally cut with scissors or piles of piles.
Each sheep can produce several kilograms of wool per year.


Cashmere grows where the goat is close to the skin. Every spring, goats will enter the shedding period, and when collecting cashmere, a special iron comb should be used to comb the hair like a hair.
Only a few dozen grams of cashmere can be harvested per goat per year. Because of the scarcity of production, cashmere is called “soft gold”.
Most of the cashmere sweaters on the market come from Inner Mongolia and Ningxia, accounting for about 70% of the world’s cashmere production.


Difference 3: different colors

The scales of wool are pointed, and the scales of cashmere are round, so in terms of the overall texture and color, the cashmere coat will look shinier and the color will be softer, while the wool coat is more fluffy and heavy. , it is difficult to show the gilt feeling of a cashmere coat.


Difference 4: different characteristics

The characteristics of cashmere sweater are light, soft, warm, waxy, very suitable for close-fitting, excellent warmth, breathability, and comfort.
Wool is heavy, weak in elasticity, and has a large shrinkage rate.
Therefore, the price of cashmere is higher than that of wool, and its warmth retention is 1.5-2 times that of wool.

cashmere sweater

Because of the high price of cashmere sweaters, some businesses will create concepts such as sheep wool and Australian cashmere to mislead consumers. The real cashmere is only cashmere, and the others are not cashmere in the true sense.

Some unscrupulous merchants will sprinkle talc powder on the wool fabric to achieve the smooth effect of cashmere. We must also identify clearly, this kind of talc powder will still feel slippery after rubbing.

Fiber is also an important method to identify real and fake cashmere. The chemical fiber fibers blended in the middle of imitation cashmere are straight and slender, without any curling, and are constantly pulled, while cashmere fibers have obvious curling and short fiber length.

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