JSGROUP SKIWEAR SERIES: You can absolutely trust Zhang Yimou’s aesthetics!

The video of the countdown to the 24 solar terms of the Winter Games has swiped Weibo and Moments.

You can feel what the top aesthetic is like!

True beauty does not need language to explain, no words to explain, beauty is beauty, advanced is advanced, and the national teacher is really the national teacher! The shock of the opening mode of the 2008 Beijing Olympics was still used during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and this Winter Olympics once again gave the national teachers a chance to play, and also gave us another chance to appreciate the top visual feast!

Excitement greeted the final countdown, which started from 24, representing the 24th Olympic Winter Games and 24 solar terms in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar.

The grand opening of Beijing 2022 coincided with the very first of the solar terms “Lichun”, which indicates the beginning of spring.

Zhang Yimou, who was also behind the awe-inspiring 2008 showpiece.
“It’s always about the people. The spirit, emotion, and hope are always the key points,” he said.

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